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(1) SILVA . The Magic Forest

Übersetzung Spiralcat Translations

176 Seiten


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ISBN: 978-3-9503773-2-3

For age 9 and above

Format: 12,5*20 cm

Preis: 15,50 €

Erhältlich ab 01.10.2019

All Philip and Ben wanted to do was find out if humans could really understand the language of animals. And so they and their dog Aris set off into the north of the forest, to the three-hundred-year-old oak. But suddenly they end up in a woodland that they don’t recognize at all, a sinister, dark and gloomy place. And that’s how their exciting adventure in SILVA begins. Will Phillip, Ben and Aris be able to save the magic woods from the huge threat hanging over it?
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